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During the Floriade in Almere (NL) ABC Arkerbouw presents floating living. After the Floriade these 4 floating concrete boxes don’t have a function anymore and ABC Arkenbouw is looking for a new use of those. I propose to transport them to the Vinkeveenseplassen (lake in the Netherlands) and give them a new function as a floating ice pavilion. A good addition for this touristic place.


Nature is an element that always inspires me and for this design I found my inspiration in the waterlily.


Waterlily ...

Floating on the water,

opened at daytime,

closed at night.


One extra floating box is added to the configuration. In this box the toilets are placed. On top of this a core is placed (flower-bud). This core can be closed at night and is wind and waterproof. In this core the bar and kitchen are placed. De ‘walls’ of the ice cafe are made out of air panels. These will be renewed every year (like a beach pavilion). The air panels can be opened or closed depending on the weather. On the ground floor is the seated area. Visitors can sit down with a ice coupe or a drink and enjoy the view. The view is framed by the air panels.


On the second floor the experience is completely different. Here the panels stop at one meter. A big glass roof provides protection against wind and rain. This roof is provided with solar cells placed between the glass layers and those provide the pavilion with the energy it needs to sustain. The cantilevered canopy gives a wide view over the lake. On this floor there are no chairs, here the visitor uses a steel frame where a tray can be placed as a standing table.

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