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To make a frame, to use a frame, framed!


Framed facilitates temporary use on different locations and for different functions. Each location has his own specific needs and configuration of the elements. Framed gives the space a human scale without affecting the place or building.

















Framed is constructed out of prefab elements who can be mounted on site without tools. Then a wide range of plug-in elements can be used to make the space suitable for every desired function.


Framed is constructed from prefab L shaped wood panels with a perforation to reduce weight. The elements are 60 cm wide and can easy be transported through a standard door. Wheels can be attached to the elements and transform them into a trolley to bring the elements and plug-ins easy to the right place.

















Framed can be used on different locations, because of the great flexibility of the elements. For instance:


• Empty office buildings can be transformed into a temporary hotel during events or emergencies.

• Empty churches can host cultural functions such as exhibitions, lectures, performances or workshops.

• At a event space framed can be used as a ticket window, bar, lounge spaces or even as a camping site or sanitary block.


Due to the uniformity of the elements, they can be configured in various ways. In addition, they can be easily disassembled and be re- built at a different location and with a different function.


project team:  Rudi Koster and Daniëlle Bakkes

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