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The MiVita bathroom is a design for the bathroom of the future. This modular bathroom enables people who are mentally or physically disabled to take a shower, toileting or washing on their own. As a result

they will no longer have to depend on the caregiver. This will save the care hours needed but on the other hand give the user more freedom, privacy and comfort.


In cooperation with disabled people, specialized companies and care takers we have developed a modular bathroom. This bathroom can be changed in a couple of hours, regarding to the changing demands of the user.


Modular & Flexibel


The bathroom consists of a stable iron frame that will be build in front of the existing walls. On this frame

moisture proof tiles will be mounted who easily can be removed. The flexible pipes, between the wall and the tiles can be shifted easy to adjust the MiVita Bathroom to the wishes and needs of the user.


To tune the atmosphere to the clients individual taste the bathroom the tiles come in different colors.


Projectteam: van dorp Zorg en welzijn, Panton, intertop zorg en welzijn, Siza zorggroep, studio Fidder en ArchitectuurLab.


(ArchitectuurLab was responsible for the details, colors and material schemes and the architectural and technical drawings of the modular walls).

copyright ArchitectuurLab