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The future of the Netherlands


In this exploratory study on the future of the Netherlands we researched current issues, possibilities an we brainstormed with a group of architects, landscape architects and urban designers. We viewed the social developments, trends and the spatial implementation of these developments towards 2040. Themes such as food, demography, economy, politics, health, mobility, ecology & resources ,housing, happiness, finance and technology where discussed.


I took care of the theme ecology & resources.


Questions like:

     -What are the trending trends?

     -What if …?

     -How would the future of the Netherlands look like

      when …?

     -How will they affect the spatial planning of the


were asked and suggestions where made and resulted in the book NL2040.


Project team: a team of landscape architects, architects and urban architects under supervision of Max Cohen de Lara and David Mulder

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