ArchitectuurLab is asked to give the showroom of Bodyfit a face-lift. The interior has to be flexible, to make it easy to expose a new model of a sauna or steam-bath. In the current showroom there is no clear link from the ground floor to the second floor and also atmosphere, warmth and intimacy are not present.


In the design the excising steam-bath’s and sauna’s who are exposed are incorporated. Proposed is to add the current office which is used for meeting with the clients to the showroom. Place to welcome the client and have a meeting will be incorporated in the showroom. A colored backbone connects all the sauna’s and steam-bath together. This gives the showroom a clear appearance while all exposed products can be different in shape, material and form. Beside that a semi transparent room high and wide curtain will be placed in front of the windows, this will delete he office character off the space. In front of this curtain a custom made piece of furniture is placed. Here both materials and products to sell are exposed, also this furniture forms the meeting table. LED lights incorporated in the furniture lights the curtain. Ceiling lights above the tables are added to the light plan and give the space a warm atmosphere. To divide the meeting table a see through (gas) fireplace is placed. On the opposite side of the meeting place the wall is covered with wooden panels. A TV to give presentations and place for brochures are incorporated in this wall.


To connect the second floor with the ground floor the staircase has a face-lift as well. By partly removing a wall and cover the other walls with a photo print people are shown that there is something ‘happening’ upstairs. The photo on the wall represents the beautiful surrounding nature. With these interventions the showroom has everything to reflect Bodyfit.

copyright ArchitectuurLab