‘Mother Meuse' is a solution for the expected climate issues at the bottle neck in Maastricht. The restructuring of Maastricht with a water network addresses the rising water levels in the River and adds a unique quality to the city's characteristics.


'Fuji Yoshida'

The route to the top. A Competition design for the renovation of the ice making factory in Fuji Yoshida, a village at the foot of mount Fuji (Japan).




Brainstorming and researching the future of spatial planning in the Netherlands resulting in a presentation and a book.





Corridor d'or

Design for an international contest 'Moving Landscapes' with the focus on a sustainable road from the airport to the city center.






Contest Nomad Village, asked for a flexible design to facilitate and motivate temporary use

on multiple places in the city such as empty buildings, festival sites and so on.



This movie constains the conclusions, experiences and discoveries that has been made after a 3 day workshop at the Chapel of Notre Dame du Haut (Ronchamp, France).

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