For who we work

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ArchitectuurLab is a flexible studio that works together with specialists who are qualified for the assignment, in this way we can combine individual qualities. And by doing so for every project we have an optimal team of qualified specialist.


With and for whom does ArchitectuurLab work:


-Hoogte Twee Architecten, Arnhem

-Wiegerinck architecten, Arnhem

-Wellnessdouche, Zoetermeer

-Zorginstelling Siza, Arnhem

-IP zorg en welzijn, Westervoort

-Bodyfit wellness, Zeewolde

-Yellow design foundation, Brussel

-Gemma sollid works, Hintelaken

-Blok 74, Rotterdam

-Van dorp Zorg en Welzijn, Zoetemeer

-several private clients

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